O'Brien, Maraggia, Schuman, and Milleker

Lester Kemp Nusbaum + Helena Catherine Eyler

4 children
Barbara Ann Nusbaum
Birth: July 26, 1940 35 29Union Bridge, Carroll, Maryland, USA
Death: September 26, 2013Palm Terrace Nursing Home, Lakeland, Polk, Florida, USA
P0000922Ella Fay Nusbaum
Birth: May 7, 1930 24 19Union Bridge, Carroll, Maryland, USA
Death: August 20, 2014Frederick, Maryland, USA

Parents Grandparents

Helena Catherine Eyler
Birth: October 16, 1910 32 31Daysville Rd., Walkersville, Frederick, Maryland, USA
Death: Died at a nursing home after suffering from Alzheimer's for severalyears.April 30, 2004Hanover, York, Pennsylvania, USA
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